5 Reasons Why Selling Your Home In Winter Makes Sense


Spring is traditionally the most common time to sell a home, but may not always bring the most return on your investment. Here are 5 great reasons why the winter may actually be a more profitable time to sell your home and make great sense. 

1) Less Inventory = Less Competition

  • Because of this popular belief that spring is the best time to sell there are less homes on the market in winter. This increases the likeliness of selling your home.

2)  Winter brings out the most serious buyers.

  • Oftentimes people viewing homes when the weathers just right are window shopping and not yet ready to move on a home.
  • The most serious are in need of a home regardless of the weather.
  • May have fewer showings but more serious buyers will be the ones viewing your home.

3) Growing Families Will Require a Bigger Home

  • It is statistically proven that the summer-fall months produce the highest number of births across the board. Which in turn leads to being ready to make a move in the fall/winter season.
  • Growing families are among the most likely to move.

4) Year-End Financial Bonuses and Pay-outs

  • Those first time home buyers who’ve just had a year-end performance review and received a nice bonus will be looking to invest in a smarter way moving forward into the new year.

5)  Corporate Relocation

  • Companies often times preform these transitions in the first months of the year.
  • Those looking to relocate from a company related move will need to settle a family in quickly.