Fall Home Decor

Welcome the changing season. Time to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn. The leaves on the trees will slowly begin to change. Time will rollback and life will seem to move a bit slower. As the air becomes crisp and the days become shorter, freshen up your home with these Fall home décor ideas.

Front Door

Wreaths and entryway ornaments set the tone for the season as family and friends cross your threshold. You can get a handmade wreath of leaves and pine cones to adorn your door. Line your pathway with small barrels on both sides. Place real or faux pumpkins on each of various sizes and have crushed leaves sprinkled around them. Entice your visitors with what awaits once they are inside.

Dining Room

Change your table runner to a fall motif and add a fall flower centerpiece that captures the essence of the time of year. Decorate the base of the vase with a few sprigs of holly. Hang a couple of cinnamon broomsticks that give off the aroma of home cooking and togetherness.


Change your dish towels to a fall theme where leaves, turkeys, and pumpkins shine through. Or you can use the colors of the season for a more subtle approach. Another suggestion would be to use fall-themed dishes to enhance other slight touches to embrace the season.

Change Color Pallet

Time to bring out your earth tones. Fill your home with rich browns, burnish reds and golden hues. The curtains should reflect the theme as well as the lap blankets on the sofa and ottoman. A Fall color pallet says welcome to all who enter.


Decorate your fireplace hearth with dried twigs and dried leaves of the season in a basket. Plaques with messages of harvest and family should rest on the mantel. You can also display a vase filled with dried wheat stalks on either side of a fireplace mantel.


Bring out your patchwork quilts with matching shams as you set the mood for crisp nights. Candles arrangements in fall colors add an intimate touch. An area rug anchors your selections.


A simple change of the shower curtain to a solid Fall color or a leaf motif will do the trick. A couple of hand towels in the shades of the season bolster the look.These are some Fall home décor ideas that will make you feel one with nature and savor the beauty of the season. Contact Rachel Stokes for all your real estate needs.