How To Sell Your House In Autumn


Spring and summer are known to be the best time of year to sell your home because the weather is great and everyone is in a great mood. Furthermore, the ruling thought is it’s the perfect time to get the kids in school, so they start right on time to get settled in during the start of school in the Fall. After this time has passed, home sellers run and hide because of the myth that all home buyers are going to wait until next year. Don’t pack up for sale signs just yet. Call your agent to find out the top tips on how to sell your home in the fall.


Make sure your price is competitive during this time of year. Most buyers are looking for a great deal. They know the same thing you do. Although they want to buy, they want a deal. Do not give them the storehouse, but a little deal will incentivize new buyers. Furthermore, since it is near the holidays they will want to save a little bit more money.


Make sure your real estate agent advertise for the season. Think outside the box and know that there are buyers who want to be in their new house just in time for the holidays. Do not only think about school start in August. December is a semester break also and lends itself to a natural time to start school in January. Therefore, holidays in a new home and starting a new school in January is just as persuasive as summer.


Spruce up your staging with fresh fall fashions. Your home must be crisp and clean and gearing your buyer up to celebrate in their new home. Showcase your holiday home for your buyer to want the same experience.

Clear Clutter

Fall sunlight may be dark and leaves in the yard may look cluttered. Make sure your yard is clear and neatly manicured. Gutters should be free of debris and use bright lights and colors.

Consider Inspections

Consider doing all inspections and minor repairs ahead of your showings and offers. This may help prevent any contracts from failing for inspection issues. Get out ahead of any possible deal-breaking inspection and your seller will feel confident that you are performing great preventive maintenance on your home. Contact Rachel Stokes for all your home buying needs in Franklin, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

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