What To Expect From Your Real Estate Agent


Here in Tennessee there are duties that your agent has to comply with based on real estate requirements. Then, there are qualities that you should expect your agent to have, that will give you an edge in the market. All agents are trained to comply with the rules of the profession, then each agent brings to their career a set of tools that they have developed over the course of their lifetime. These are sometimes the most important skills that help you gain an advantage in the market.


You should feel free to tell your agent everything that you believe is important to achieve your real estate goals. The good, the bad, and the ugly. There are many reasons why you are selling your home or buying a new home. It ranges from death and divorce, marriage, growing family, or maybe new job. The spectrum is large. However, whether it is a happy reason or just life happening around you; you must insist on confidentiality from your agent. It can be quite costly to you at a time when the value of your home means the most to you. Even though agents are required by regulation to give you confidentiality, just make sure you trust that your agent will comply.


The unique ability to work with others is not a skill we all possess. Imagine the home of your dreams just came on the market and the selling agent is difficult to work with. Your agent needs to kick in their gleaming personality and shine through. Clients may not know it, but there are times when contract issues arise and the deal is not exactly rosy. Agents anticipate these bump in the road and want to work with agents who are personable, honest and easy to work with. A keen observer can detect a great personality from the first point of contact. Don’t lose a deal because your agent is not friendly and personable.


Knowing and valuing everyone’s time is a valuable quality that your agent needs to have. It gets very busy for agents and everyone else. However, valuing you as a client and returning your calls as soon as possible demonstrates care. Your agent’s willingness to attend to you shows their ability to deal with contract issues in a timely manner. If a deadline is missed on contractual issues, it can take a lot to untangle those issues. This is often overlooked as “my agent is just busy”, however, our real estate needs are a huge priority and should be treated as such.

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