5 Best Staging Tips to Sell Your Home


If you want to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, you need to make the property look as good as possible. Home staging is designed to do just that, and the right staging could mean the difference between a home that sells quickly and one that sits unsold on the market for months on end.

Staging your home does not have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, some of the most effective home staging techniques cost nothing at all. Here are the five best staging techniques to help your home sell more quickly.

#1. Clear Away the Clutter

Excessive clutter will make even the most spacious home look tiny and cramped. If your ample closets are overflowing with outfits you never wear, would-be buyers will quickly be turned off, and you could lose a sale. Now is the time to clear away the clutter, removing unneeded items and making your home look as large and spacious as possible. When you are done decluttering, you can hold a yard sale, donate to charity or rent a storage locker until your home sale goes through.

#2. Depersonalize

Buyers want to picture themselves in your home, and that is hard to do with your family photographs and mementoes everywhere they turn. It is important to remove these personal items and store them in a safe place – you can always break them out and put them in your brand new home when your current property sells for top dollar.

#3. Clean Everything in Sight

A clean home is easier to sell, and more attractive too, so give your property a deep cleaning inside and out. Start with the exterior, pressure washing the brick or siding, hosing down the driveway and giving everything a good scrubbing. Continue into the interior, shampooing the rugs, polishing the hardwood floors and giving everything a good vacuuming. You want your home to sparkle in the sunlight, and that all starts with a thorough cleaning.

#4. Spruce Up Your Landscape

Curb appeal matters, and it all starts with your landscape. Now is the time to trim those overgrown bushes, pull those overlooked weeds and plant some colorful new flowers. You can also spruce up other parts of your outdoor landscape, including your mailbox, flagpole and front walkway. The better your home looks, the better it will sell.

#5. Paint the Front Door

The front door is the first thing would-be buyers see, so make a good first impression with a fresh coat of paint. Paint the front door, hang a stylish wreath filled with beautiful flowers and welcome would-be buyers in style.

The right staging can make a world of difference, helping your home sell more quickly and boosting the sales price. The five tips above can help you stage your home like a pro, so you can enjoy a quick and profitable sale.